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Bristol Myers

I understand.

Every court case is a battle for understanding.

To win at trial, the judge or jury must understand the justice of your position.

To make that happen, your lawyer must understand who you are as a person.

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Every move I make as your lawyer comes from knowing you and your case inside and out.

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I have been in private practice in Austin, Texas since 1999, after graduating with honors from the Valparaiso University School of Law. My entire career has been devoted to defending people and businesses against criminal charges and related civil accusations of misconduct. I believe it takes a certain mindset to zealously and unashamedly defend those accused of wrongdoing, and I am proud to have never worked as a prosecutor for that reason.

Eight months after I was licensed to practice law, I earned front page headlines for my defense of a mother facing extradition for parental kidnapping charges. Since that time, my trial experience has covered a vast array of offenses from DWI, assault and drug cases, to capital murder, environmental crimes and securities fraud. I was in the news again most recently after obtaining a 30-minute “not guilty” verdict for a former Austin Police Officer accused of domestic violence in Williamson County.

I am Board Certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Only half of the criminal lawyers who took the exam with me in 2008 were able to pass it, and I was the only one from Travis County to do so.

As of that year, out of all the 80,000 or so attorneys (that’s ALL lawyers, not just criminal) in the State of Texas, only 841 were Board Certified in Criminal Law. That’s about one percent, and a large number of that one percent are prosecutors now or have spent some portion of their careers prosecuting, sending people to jail and prison. Feel free to read more about the importance of this certification

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Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

The clients I represent are not criminals. They are people, businesses, and organizations who stand falsely accused, over-charged, or misunderstood. Many of my clients have never faced this kind of trouble before. Those who have usually suffer from underlying problems, the confrontation and solution of which provide a path to freedom from the justice system once and for all.

Professional License Defense & Civil-Criminal Crossover

Not every criminal case starts with an arrest. Enforcement actions by state or federal regulatory agencies, investigations related to your professional license, CPS cases, and protective orders commonly carry implications of criminal conduct. Yet many criminal attorneys will send you away to another lawyer for these civil matters. Why spend time, money, and effort educating multiple lawyers about your situation when you can have one experienced Travis County and Austin professional license defense attorney presenting cohesive defenses in both arenas? I provide “big picture” representation across the civil-criminal divide to ensure that what is done to defend you in one area does not damage you in the other.

DWI Cases

As an Austin and Travis County DWI lawyer, I represent people accused of DWI and other alcohol-related offenses here in the Austin area and throughout the state of Texas. I know how easily anyone can end up in this situation and how much fear and anxiety a DWI arrest can create. This is just as true for first-time offenders as it is for someone with multiple DWI convictions or who is facing intoxication assault or manslaughter charges.

Why Me?

Personal Service

When you hire me, I handle all aspects of your case. I never pass your file off to an inexperienced associate.


We’ll have genuine conversations about your case. Why hire a lawyer who lectures or talks down to you?


I don’t accept every case that comes in my door. As a result, I end up spending more quality time with my clients.


All fee agreements are in writing. I am open to flat fees or hourly billing depending on the type of case and your situation.


Because I am a Board Certified criminal law specialist with over a decade of experience, chances are I’ve helped someone in your situation before.


My office is paperless. My online system lets you see your files, send secure messages, and pay bills anytime, anywhere for your convenience.

from past clients

“Unlike other lawyers, he actually spends time with you, and he really listens. He’ll ask you good questions about your case, and he wants to get to know you. He wants the best for you regardless of the type of case you’re facing. He’s also extremely intelligent and thinks creatively in trying to solve your problems.”