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I take great pride in my work and my accomplishments, but self-glorification is an indulgence I try to avoid. I’d rather you hear from lawyers and other professionals on why they work with me and why they refer their clients to me.

“I endorse this lawyer. Bristol is an amazing lawyer. Simply put, if I were in trouble in Austin I would want Bristol Myers working on my case. He is tenacious and effective in all phases of his practice. He is a zealous advocate and has an AMAZING track record for success in trial. My goal is to be as accomplished as Bristol has been as a defense attorney. He is one of the few attorneys I know that has ONLY been a defense attorney while also obtaining board certification. This is very rare and I hope I can do the same when I am eligible.”

Carl Ceder, Criminal Defense Attorney in Dallas, TX

“Bristol’s professional skills and integrity are impeccable. He has the ability to identify and resolve complex issues and conducts his affairs with the highest level of professionalism. Bristol quickly gained my confidence and I recommend him without any reservation.”

Christian Schroder, Associate General Counsel at Cash America

“Bristol Myers is a great attorney. He delivers a consistently great client outcome by combining genuinely admirable professionalism with a scholar’s understanding of the law and keen focus on client goals. I refer business to Bristol on a regular basis, and I would not hesitate to call on him to represent me or a member of my own family.

I once called on Bristol to teach a group of lawyers on practicing law with integrity and professionalism. Most people think that integrity and professionalism mean “he’s an ethical guy and tries to do the right thing.” Mr. Myers goes beyond that standard, and exhibits an uncommonly high level of forethought on and dedication to the following the rules and procedures that a highly professional attorney will follow to make sure that “doing the right thing” happens because you “do things right.” He practices with a high degree of attention to small details, like returning phone calls, that keep the lawyer focused on meeting his client’s needs. He prepares deeply for the work that he does, both in the courtroom and outside of it. I admire him because his practice exhibits a high degree of integrity and professionalism.

Bristol is also a guy who knows the law. I once asked him to teach a class on the law for a group of laymen. He’s a great teacher (and he did a great job), in part because he has a passionately deep knowledge of his area of practice. You can tell a good lawyer, who knows the law really well, when he can take complex topics and explain them in a way that makes them seem very simple. Bristol knows his area of the law really well, and it shows when you talk shop with him. He has a quiet confidence that reflects a lot of time spent learning the law that he practices. I admire Bristol for the degree to which he is a student of his area of the law.

Bristol could write a book on keeping focused on your client’s goals. I’ve learned a lot from him on how to stay in touch with my client and understand the client’s needs from the intake interview to the successful conclusion of a representation. You can teach people to do the things that Bristol does to stay in touch with his clients and to stay on the same page with his clients. You can’t teach people to care the way that Bristol seems to care about his clients. He exhibits a genuine human concern that is uncommon in a lawyer.

I recommend Bristol. I refer people to him, and knowing how he runs his practice makes me proud to be a lawyer.”

Stephen Mason, Associate at Campbell Stephenson LLP

“Having known Bristol for many years, I highly recommend his work and character. Bristol is certainly the first person I think of when needing legal advice. Bristol is a credit to his profession. His character and council are second to none, and since meeting Bristol while at A&M, it has been my privilege to call him a friend.”

Andy Webb, Commercial Insurance Sales/Risk Management, Capitol City Insurance

“Bristol’s tireless efforts to do what’s best for his client’s interest can not be rivaled. He’s detailed oriented and knows how to create a winning strategy for any challenge whether it's business oriented or defense minded.”

Todd Sorrel, VP Business Development at Select Premium