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Criminal Law Austin, Texas


Shut your Face(book)


My advice? If you are facing criminal charges or if you might be involved in litigation of any sort, get off Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and any other social media you […]

Tragedy or child endangerment?

Legal Affairs

This is a heart-breaking story from the Austin American-Statesman. A father is being prosecuted for child endangerment after his infant son died from hyperthermia in his car. The remainder of […]

Motion to suppress granted


“Every case is different.” Usually criminal defense lawyers tell that to folks to downplay previous successes. Sometimes, as in today’s case, it’s a reminder to stay aggressive. It was just […]

DWI while on probation


I’m opening my blog with a solution to a fairly common problem. The call to my office starts something like this: “I’m on probation, and I picked up (another) DWI. […]

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