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State of Texas v. Jeremy D.


Client stopped in Williamson County driving a big pickup truck with a lift kit and a bed full of all kinds of junk. Cop smells alcohol and observes the other usual signs of intoxication, and after further investigation, arrests my client for DWI.

Case Overview

The defense in this case did not hinge on intoxication, but the issue of who was driving. My client said he switched places with the actual driver after they stopped for police. The cop testified this was impossible and said he would have noticed if the occupants switched places. The cop also testified that he had a clear view of the cab from his patrol car. On cross-examination, I had the officer read the tow truck driver’s inventory sheet listing all the items crammed into the bed of the pickup, which included a large grill. The jury did not believe the officer's testimony and found my client not guilty.

Outcome: Not Guilty