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The Case of Debra S.


My client was a mother charged with parental kidnapping in another state. She had taken her kids after a court in that state awarded custody to the father, a sex offender. She was set to be extradited from Texas for prosecution in the other state.

Case Overview

I filed a child custody lawsuit and convinced the Texas court to take emergency jurisdiction over the children. When the office of then-Governor George W. Bush called to alert me that he was about to sign the extradition warrant, I reminded them that the Governor was running for President, and I vowed to add more fuel to the media fire that was already burning over the case if he extradited my client. Governor Bush left the decision to sign the warrant to Governor Rick Perry who also refused to extradite my client until he was sued in federal court and ordered to sign the extradition papers. At the time my client was extradited, her children were under the jurisdiction of the Texas court. My client was tried and convicted on the parental kidnapping charges in the other state, but her convictions were reversed on appeal. She returned to Texas a free woman and was reunited with her children.

Outcome: Not Guilty