Bristol Myers


Criminal Law Austin, Texas



August 27th, 2011

Unfortunately, I’ve been arrested around 20 times during my life. As a result, I have found myself in situations where I’m represented by unethical attorneys who just want to end the case and collect their money by shoving some sorry plea bargain down my throat.

While I have been guilty on some accounts, that’s not always the case. Bristol Myers understands that just because you’ve been arrested before doesn’t automatically mean you’re guilty of the new charges.

I’ve hired the big name firms in Austin, such as the one that practices in the big red building near the courthouse. While my experience there was “fair”, it does not come close to comparing with how my case was handled by Bristol Myers.

I am now a student at UT-Austin. I’m trying to turn my life around. Yet at the same time I’ve ran into problems which Bristol Myers handled fantastically. I’ve had a felony dropped, as well as other charges dropped, when other lawyers told me it simply wasn’t possible. He has no problem taking a case to trial. In fact, he seems to enjoy that aspect of law the most. He smiles when conferring and considering trial as an option. He represented me in trial and I couldn’t have asked for better results.

He has represented me on 7 cases, none of which I served any time or was convicted for. Bristol Myers is hands down the most thorough, professional, ethical and dedicated attorney in Austin.

Take it from someone who has been through the system. He’s the best there is in Austin.

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