Bristol Myers


Criminal Law Austin, Texas

How I Work


Simply put...Remember that it is called an Attorney–Client Relationship.

Nobody enjoys spending time with other people who are rude, who talk down to them, who refuse to listen or who get irritated when asked legitimate, important questions. We all encounter plenty of people in our lives willing to provide us with such abuse for free. Why pay to get more of it from your lawyer? I think you’ll find me to be a confident and generally positive person. As much as possible, I try to keep the atmosphere comfortable and upbeat for my clients, no matter what they’re facing.

Solid communication is essential to a successful attorney–client relationship. I minimize “barriers to access” typical in many firms, like vexatious phone systems and layers of staff. Clients are provided my direct email address and my cell phone number, and I require clients to provide me with theirs. I return calls at times of the day when I am more likely to actually get my client on the phone, including evenings at home. As much as possible, I try to schedule meetings around the lunch hour and the end of the day so that my clients’ work or business is not affected by their legal issues.

My law practice management software provides my clients a portal to log in and see their files online in just the same way you can log in to your bank and check your account balances. Clients also receive electronic notices any time a new document is uploaded, and we can message each other through the system with a level of security unavailable with regular email. Billing and payment are also handled through the same system.