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Dealing with DWI & DUI Charges

Whether we are talking about a music club on Sixth Street or business dinner at a steakhouse, it starts out just like any other night. You’re out on the town. You have a drink or two. You head home. Along the way you get pulled over and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. What do you do next?

We also know how easily anyone can end up in this situation and how much fear and anxiety a DWI arrest can create. This is just as true for first-time offenders as it is for someone with multiple DWI convictions now facing intoxication assault or manslaughter charges. Attorney Bristol Myers will clearly explain the law and what to expect out of the legal process at every stage. He will then work with you to identify your goals and to develop a case strategy that will help us achieve them.

Several issues can be raised to effectively challenge a DWI charge, including:

  • -Probable cause
  • -Field sobriety tests
  • -Videotapes
  • -Arrest procedures
  • -Police reports
  • -Blood or breath test results
  • -Accuracy of the testing equipment

However, the proper defense of any drunk driving case begins with the administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing. The ALR is a civil hearing, completely separate from your DWI case. To avoid an automatic suspension of your license, you must request the hearing within 15 days of your arrest. At a minimum, this will allow you to keep your drivers’ license a bit longer. What it can also do is yield valuable information and it commits the police into a particular version of events long before you come to court on the DWI charge itself.

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