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How Your DWI Lawyer Will Try to Win Over the Jury

Expressing concern for you as the defendant

Juries are perceptive.  They see and understand more than words.  If you are to receive a favorable result in your case, yourWilliamsonCountyDWIlawyer must communicate the fact that he believes in you as a person and also in the merits of your case.

A mere recounting of the facts and the law will not suffice.  From the opening statement to the closing argument, by employing non-verbal signals such as body language, facial expression, eye contact, perhaps a comforting hand on the shoulder, your lawyer is demonstrating he really cares.

Establish credibility with the jury from the beginning

Your Williamson County DWI lawyer understands that jurors begin to judge and access the lawyer’s credibility from the first time they interact.  He also realizes that as the jury judges the lawyer, so too will the jury assess the defendant, the witnesses and the evidence to be presented.  If the jurors do not like your lawyer, they are not going to like much about your case.

Your lawyer can gain credibility with the jury by following these guidelines:

(i) Behave in a professional manner.

(ii) Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

(iii) Be humble, not arrogant.

(iv) Act with the highest ethical standards.  Do not personally attack the prosecutor, even if he is acting ruthlessly.  Let the jury decide who the bad guy actually is.

(v) Above all, do not be deceitful or try to win at all costs.  Tell the jurors the strengths and weaknesses of the case as the evidence will suggest.

If you have been arrested for a DWI or suspect you soon may be charged, it is important to consult a Williamson County DWI lawyer as soon as possible.  Bristol Myers offers a complimentary initial consultation.  Call (512) 478-2100 for an appointment now.

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