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Criminal Law Austin, Texas

What My Clients Say

Unfortunately, I’ve been arrested around 20 times during my life. As a result, I have found myself in situations where I’m represented by unethical attorneys who just want to end the case and collect their money by shoving some sorry plea bargain down my throat.

While I have been guilty on some accounts, that’s not always the case. Bristol Myers understands that just because you’ve been arrested before doesn’t automatically mean you’re guilty of the new charges.

I’ve hired the big name firms in Austin, such as the one that practices in the big red building near the courthouse. While my experience there was “fair”, it does not come close to comparing with how my case was handled by Bristol Myers.

I am now a student at UT-Austin. I’m trying to turn my life around. Yet at the same time I’ve ran into problems which Bristol Myers handled fantastically. I’ve had a felony dropped, as well as other charges dropped, when other lawyers told me it simply wasn’t possible. He has no problem taking a case to trial. In fact, he seems to enjoy that aspect of law the most. He smiles when conferring and considering trial as an option. He represented me in trial and I couldn’t have asked for better results.

He has represented me on 7 cases, none of which I served any time or was convicted for. Bristol Myers is hands down the most thorough, professional, ethical and dedicated attorney in Austin.

Take it from someone who has been through the system. He’s the best there is in Austin.


Bristol did an amazing job at getting my husband’s DWI brought down to reckless driving. He spent 7 days in jail no–probation! He got pulled over for a sound ordinance violation (sitting at a red under the highway),and got arrested for smelling like marijuana although nothing was found on his person or in the vehicle. He made the mistake of admitting to smoking some 2 hours prior, total BS, we all know alcohol is way worse. Bristol’s staff is incredibly prompt, and friendly. I never had a feeling of judgement, and felt very comfortable from the moment we met with him. Anyway, he did an amazing job, and now my husband doesn’t have a crazy DWI on his record–worth every penny.


Let’s just say that I spent a week in jail, and left with no probation for a DWI. He got it kicked down to reckless, don’t blow guys–it’s a life saver.


After two years and a trial, and with excellent advice from my attorney, Bristol Myers, I was able to receive a “Not Guilty” vote in a case where someone wrongly accused me of assault with intent for bodily injury.

Bristol was recommended to my husband and I. We sat with Bristol and discussed the case, and immediately retained his service. For over two years, Bristol and his trusted paralegal, Susan, were very organized, kept me in touch with what was going on the court system, and when my case finally came to trial, Bristol’s questions and arguments were expertly displayed for the court, the judge and jurors.

With Bristol at my side, I never had any doubts that he could clear my name. His actions in the courtroom showed his experience and intelligence. I would highly recommend Bristol Myers and would retain him again in a heartbeat.


Mr. Myers recently had a felony weapons charge against me dismissed. I will never have to do one day on probation or one day in jail because of his outstanding services–very good attorney.


A few years back I found myself on the wrong side of the law after a traffic stop on my way home from a business meeting. As a professional, I never thought I would be “that person” who would be arrested. My DWI was something that could have devastated me professionally and socially. Bristol was so compassionate during my entire ordeal. He answered emails promptly and his staff was available to get the information I needed if he was in court. Bristol worked diligently to get my DWIcharge reduced just before we were to go to trial and my professional license was saved. I hope that I never have to be in a situation like this again, but if it happens, I know I would call Bristol again.


Bristol Myers is a very understanding lawyer. I live in another city and he still worked with me (being late on some occasions). He was very informative and worked out the best deal for me. No probation, no interlock. I highly recommend Bristol Myers for any case.